Angel Fund

Through out the year we will have various events to raise money for our Angel Fund.

Angel Fund

The purpose of the Angel Fund is to assist our families, neighbors, and friends, in caring for their furry loved ones in times of greatest need. The fund has also worked to help those pets who have a serious condition or need with no one to care for them – Giving a chance to the pets without one.

Meet Captain!

Meet Captain! Our most recent Angel Fund Beneficent! Captain had been hit by a car on a Tuesday. Captains Owners had taken him straight to RIVER – one of the emergency clinics here in Chattanooga. The owner was told that Captain would need a surgery to amputate his tail because of how much damage and trauma it had received due to the accident. Along with his tail amputation he would need both of his back legs sutured up. Poor Captain had such a great disposition regardless of pain he was obviously in. Captains owner searched for clinic after clinic to find one willing to accept payments for a surgery like that. When Captains owner reached out to us, we knew we could help – Our Angel Fund has been able to help so many families in need of emergency services! We are so happy to be able to share the love our community has for our pets. Captain is recovering well!

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