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Animal Medical Professionals of Ooltewah (AMP) is located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. AMP is the only full-service  and AAHA Accredited small animal preventative, medical, surgical and  boarding facility in Ooltewah. We strive to provide the area’s most advanced pet health care, with compassionate and relaxing environment for our patients and their families.

Our commitment to the belief that “Pets are Family” means the care given to your pets will be as if they were our own.  We hope that the services, prices, and facilities exceed our client’s expectations.

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They are more than pets, they are our companions.

They are our family, our friends. For them we offer them the most excellent care. They are why we became veterinarians. We hold ourselves to a higher level of service because we are an AHAA accredited hospital. We are evaluated over 900 plus standard such as emergency care, surgery protocols and even pain management.

If you are looking for a new vet or interested in taking a tour of our practice, please let us know.

We Sincerely Care for Every Pet We Lay Hands on.
Allow Us To Be Your Vet and See The Difference.


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